I knew things were going too well today   I bought a Cuttlebug yesterday and used it this afternoon, that was great -  made a parchment card for a friend - that went well, re-arranged my garden pots and planters - that went well. Then my hubby rings to tell me that my local craft shop is definitely closing for the very last time (alright I suppose I was expecting it as they only opened 1 day a month for the last 8 months) but I'm still disappointed and now have nowhere to go to share my love of crafts. THEN I went to spray my plants to get rid of greenfly etc only I didn't!!! I had 2 bottles in my hand - 1 was supposed to be weedkiller and the other pesticide but they both turned out to be weedkiller and I have sprayed my strawberries, beans, rose, lavender and crocosmia with it. ALL my favourites     I stood outside with a hosepipe hoping I was washing it off for about half an hour. Tomorrow will tell.   I feel really stupid now. 

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