Wet Grandchildren

I wish I had had time to take a photo :D  My hubby and I were minding our eldest two (8 and 5) while parents were working and they asked if they could go to a 'paddling' pool to play. Of course I said yes, no problem. But then I had to find them something to get wet in lol  G had her school shorts and pyjama top (looks more like a t shirt) and J had swim shorts and old t shirt. I knew all I had to do was get them changed before Mummy came home! Mummy is very particular about what the children wear no matter what they are doing ......... so, I guess you know what's coming? Yep! Mummy came home earlier than expected, just as I had them taking said wets off   LOL She didn't say a word but her face was a picture hehhehe .......... I'm sorry but children should be children not little grown ups! It goes too quick :(

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