craft class

Went to the Wednesday craft class yesterday (time is passing too quick)as it is almost 1am again.
The theme was gold leaf and it was fantastic. Used some new stamps from Hobby Arts which I purchased after the class finished and double sided sticky pages with acetate for one card and quickie glue for highlights on the other. I will add photos when I can as I am quite pleased although the first is a little wonky lol.
The girls are really great and Joan is a fab teacher even though she keeps telling us she is not a professional! If you saw her cards you would disagree too.
She is also a lifesaver as I almost fell off my chair leaning to get something from my bag. If she hadn't been behind me who knows what could have happened.
Next class is brayering with Barbara Gray stamps. Another of my favourite crafters. I shall have to get some real practice in as my brayer, which I bought before C|hristmas is still in its box ..  oops
I also found a new scrapbook magazine - thankfully English - called Scrap 365 and it is the very best I have seen. It has altered art among other things which I love and also some really good page maps to use. This will have to be a regular for me I think.
I also considering the new quilting part works collection as I would love to get back into it and finally make my daughters quilt. I have all the fabrics - just haven't pushed myself into doing it.
I think that's all for now. I must get some sleep as I have spent up to 43 hours last week without any at all and it is getting me down. Don't really want to get back on sleeping pills again as they numb the brain toooooo long and my brain is severely 'dead' at the best of times.

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