New Year Resolutions

Every year I do the same old thing. Make the same resolutions which never get off the ground. Why? Maybe in the vain hope that one day I will keep at least one of them. This happened only once. I was a terrible nail biter! One year I resolved never to bite them again and 15 years later I have reasonably lovely nails ..... This week sees the return of my daughter to work and that means 2 days of all day baby sitting from 7am. Hopefully this will mean more crafting time and therefore more work to show on my blog. I also have a new scrapbook crop to go to once a month at Poynton - the same place etc where I go for my card making classes. So better late than never I am starting my resolutions as of Monday. The first job is to finish tidying my craft room and labelling all the drawers, boxes etc. the second is to write daily on my progress on the first lol Watch this space ....

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