Another Birthday, Another Year

Had a wonderful birthday this year but as you can see on my profile I am creeping up to that dreaded 60!
My youngest grandson made me a beautiful picture (he's only 10 months lol), the other made me his very first card and Georgia used her Forever Friends decoupage to make her first card solo! I was so proud and emotional ...... silly old woman.
Her parchment work is coming on brilliantly. She made her uncle a gorgeous card but we didn't have time to photograph it. It's a shame because I would have loved to have shared it with the world at large. Next time.

My work has really taken a back seat but now my craft room is operational I am hoping to get stuck in and do a LOT more every day.
I'll say goodnight (or good morning depending on your point of view at this time 4.36am) and catch you later,  hopefully with photos to share.


  1. Happy birthday, so glad you had a great day.Crafty hug. Jo. x

  2. Hi Guilly
    I have given your blog an award...if you pop over to mine you will see what it is!
    Crafty hugs,
    Jo x

  3. Thanks Nana, but it wasn't the first card I've made.