This is my first love and I started having classes some years ago. There is a lot to learn about this craft and it takes time but it is so relaxing it  is joy to do.
Today there are a lot of ‘short cuts’ or ‘cheats’ to this wonderful craft but they can have their place. There are stencils and CDs to help beginners start and I think if they get ‘hooked’ as I did they will expand into the real thing. I use the stencils etc for certain things. Making a perfect flower is one cheat that I love and making your own coloured parchment is great when using a CD. 
This is not a cheap craft but when you have the tools and they are looked after they can last a lifetime.
Unfortunately I have not photographed all of my artwork so there are gaps between the stages.

This is a card I made many years ago. Learning to use the wheel tool and snipping the border to give a scallop effect

This is one of my very first cards. Learning the techniques of cutting the crosses and using colour for the first time. A very simple but pleasant card to begin a craft

This card is a pretty little design using embossing and cutwork techniques. The border is also cut into scalloped edges to give a lace effect. The flowers are coloured behind with blendable pencils. Rainbow paper is used behind

A whitework wedding card with lace work in between the design around the birds, finished with a pair of gold hearts. Not a large card but quite a lot of work involved. Small intricate cards are a little more exacting and more time is needed because of the size

 This has to be my all time favourite parchment piece. It is made up of 3 layers for the dress all scalloped at the edge. The cuffs on the neck and sleeves are separate to the dress as in decoupage. The top has gridwork to give more definition and the little flowers are dimensional pearl paint. This dress is decorated on the back and front. It is quite a small piece of work, very intricate but rewarding to make. I hope the parents of this young baby keep it in a treasure box

This pink dress was a Christening commission and is double sided. It is decorated both front and back. The ribbon is threaded through slots in the parchment and tied into a bow. The little flowers are coloured with pencil

This is a fairly simple wedding card with embossing and a little lace work. I think I would have liked a printed or embossed sentiment. Peel-offs are not my favourite except for the lovely borders and corners

Another new baby girl commission. This one is purely whitework and lace with pale pink glitter card behind

This baby girl card was a commission using mainly whitework and cutting away the centre to make an aperture. There is a little colour on the bow and leaves just  to lift the design. I put glitter card behind to give texture and bling

This card was made using a template similar to the bookatrix board. The card is lilac pearl and the rest is parchment


  1. What absolutely Beautiful work.
    Hope you have a really happy Easter
    Crafty hugs Jo. xx

  2. Wow Guilly these are absolutely stunning, such a talented lady. Thank you for sharing

    A xx

  3. Oh Guilly i finally got to see your work and i must say they are absolutly Stunning , Gorgeous , WoW , i hope you will be sharing more in the future with us , i cant wait ....
    Hugs Sue xx

  4. You've done a wonderful job with these Guilly - I do parchment too (time allowing!) and know just how much work you have put into them, but the results are definitely worth it! Thanks for sharing them with us and look forward to seeing more examples in the future

    Su (Soop) x