The Mouse

Last year while I was watching the birds having their breakfast I noticed an oddly shaped bird sitting in one of the dishes eating away quite happily. I stared at him for quite a while trying to figure out what species this oddly shaped bird was - without my specs. I reached for said specs and looked again and a grin spread right across my face at the sight of the odd bird which had a long thin tail! We had a field mouse visiting. I shouted for my husband to come and watch and together we saw our little friend have his fill then scamper halfway down the post, then jump onto the honeysuckle and disappear into the stone wall. We continued watching his little antics all summer until a neighbours cat appeared and sat patiently watching and waiting for him to appear. I was very angry with this silly cat but nothing would deter her. So I started putting a few nuts into the hole in the wall to safeguard my little friend until he stopped coming. I thought perhaps he had moved on - I know the cat didn't get him as I made sure of that. She doesn't come to our garden any more!
Then just after Christmas my daughter visited from Yorkshire and noticed droppings in the airing cupboard. Again we had a visitor/visitors.  I sent my husband out to get some humane mice traps so I could catch and release it or them. My daughter and husband were convinced we had more than one mouse so I never thought for one moment it was my little friend from the garden. Anyway my husband returned with DEADLY mouse traps. They were horrific and I was so angry but he laid them anyway. Later that night I went to empty the kitchen bin and hiding in a corner behind it was my little friend! He was so scared my heart jerked. I quickly coaxed him into a cardboard box along with bedding and food then closed the lid, drilled a few holes out of his reach and left him overnight. Next morning we drove out to an empty building away from roads (and cats) to what I thought would be a safe little home. I even left him some food to get by. We drove away.
Since then I have thought of my little friend every day with ever growing sadness and guilt. I wish now I had kept him here over the winter.  My dear little friend - how I miss him.

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