Don't you just love peace, quiet and crafting

 It's been great this week as my husband has been out almost every day and quite a few nights :) so I've had loads of time to do just what I want, although I was poorly for a day or so but never mind, the rest of the time was well spent.
I have just received my new A4 LED or is it LCD light box and it is fantastic. Now I can work on black parchment without using carbon paper. I have so much work to upload to my blog etc.
Also spent a bit of time baking again. Really getting back into it now and made quite a nice carrot cake, pizza and fresh bread.
Also been knitting, sewing and painting.
My latest 'art' work :) is altering my chrome edged notice board with alcohol inks and maybe adding a few flowers - not quite sure yet. I'm using the colours of my bedroom because that's where it hangs. I need a daily reminder when I get up!

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