All Things Lost

Hmm Never did get those pictures on here did I? Reason? I have mislaid the charger for my camera - this house is the home of all things lost and rarely found!
My 18 month old grandson has managed to 'lose' my electric toothbrush so I had to but a new one. He likes hiding things (including himself) and it can takes days, weeks and even months to find them. Not him of course, he is always around. He's such a happy, cheeky little boy and a real joy to look after even if I lose my craft time.
I always seem to mislay my craft stash when I need it too! Even when I've just stamped an image the stamp can just disappear! It happens all the time. I have recently lost the cable, adapter etc for my Cricut machine and I can't get another one anywhere. I love that machine as much as I love my Cameo and feel quite lost without it. Oh well' just keep searching I suppose.

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