Craft Class with Jo Rice

I had a great afternoon with the wonderful Jo Rice today. We did a class on Flitter Glue and Pan Pastels with Indigo Blu Retro Cristmas stamps.
I had a round of applause for finishing a card! Cheeky lot - I finished one before (yes just one!)
I will try to upload it tomorrow from the scanner (still no charger on the camera). The second card was a bit of a mess for me. I didn't get a nice blend on the pastels and it just looked muddy so I will re-do that one before I share it with you.
I used my RockerBlocks to stamp with the Flitter Glu which made me a bit nervous as you need a light 'kiss' with the stamp or it sticks to the card. I was pleasantly surprised that it gave a perfect touch.
I will explain more when I have added the photo.

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