Star Book

This week saw my last class with scrapbooks before Christmas and we made a star book which turned out to be fantastic! (not mine of course) I messed up as usual, but I learnt a lot and I do have a prototype to work with. I will carry on and decorate this one with pictures or words as well as embellishments but I need to make another that doesn't have any faults! Actually there is just the one!  I folded the double sided paper the wrong way in all but one section which means that one is odd. It would have worked if I had done that one as well, just not in the design I wanted.
My camera is still playing up and it is pointless scanning it as you won't see the effect so a picture will have to wait - maybe the week-end.
 am having withdrawal symptoms already! No scrapbooks or card classes ........ Oh well, I shall just have to hope Father Christmas brings some crafty goodies although I don't hold out much hope.
Hopefully I shall post again this week-end with some finished cards!
Thank you for dropping by, take care

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