My Craft Studio

I tell all of my class mates about this company and all the products etc as I think it is one of the very best. The graphic programme is fantastic and so easy to use. The graphics are excellent quality and customer service also.

On Monday they are on QVC in am and pm. Not totally sure of the times but you can look on QVC website. Stephanie is showcasing a new CD, some new Stencil studio stencils and a box set of click print go for those with little time or knowledge of computers.

PolkaDoodles have just released a fab CD (or download) with png images suitable for scrapbooks or card making. I have ordered mine and I'm really looking forward to playing with that. I can take it into My Craft Studio and make anything I want. That is the beauty of CD crafting. When you need a backing paper or an envelope etc just print your own! I love to buy 'the real thing' but as fashions and trends change in crafting just as clothing, they are not so easy to replace.
I must admit to buying 2 sheets of a favourite paper  just to have one to keep! Now you know one of my sins. Just don't tell my husband please.

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