New Toy

I have a new toy! My darling husband bought me an Ebosser a few weeks ago and I've had a little play with it. I'm not greatly impressed by it's cutting abilities but it does emboss beautifully. I don't know what I'm doing wrong with the die cutting but no matter what 'sandwich' I follow the cut isn't perfect. I will get it right in the end I suppose. It just needs tinkering. I chose this machine because it was a very good offer and my hands are getting worse. I can still use a handle as I have my beloved Cuttlebug but it's always sensible to look ahead I suppose. To be honest I really like the Crossover machine but it was so much more expensive.

I also bought a set of Sue Wilson Christmas dies from one of the new craft channels, Hochanda. I am really impressed with this craft channel. Loving the new crafts they show but the quality of picture and sound are not quite right. I can put up with that though. I've even started to watch Dawn Bibby on The Craft Channel. I went through a spell where I didn't like to watch her but it's nice to have her back. I'll be even happier when Leonie is back. Rumours (you know how they work!) have placed her with Hochanda. That will be great as I think it will suit her more - but what do I know!

I also have a set of Apple Blossom general dies as a subscription gift from a magazine. These are lovely to use. We sampled them at a workshop so I knew what I was getting. These dies are a really good price too.

I haven't had a real play with any of them as my heart really isn't in it but they'll still be there when it is.

Thank you for stopping by.

Take care ((hugs))

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